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I published my website a few months ago and everything was fine. Then recently, even though I hadnt made any changes to my website things arent showing up accurately.

For instance, when I go into my website designer software it looks and “previews” live just the way I want it to, yet when I visit the website it says error 404 on a few pages. I tried deleting the files in the docs folder and reuploading them it didnt change anything.

Im wondering if I should just delete everything in the docs folder and start all over again?


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I didnt check every image as there are so many but I did notice 1 is missing

the server will delete files if they are larger than allowed
The size limits are:

HTML and PHP files are limited 1 MB.
.htaccess files are limited to 10 kB.
All other files are limited to 10 MB.

possibly this could be the cause ?

check the directory’s on your site and see which files are missing and then check if those files are too large


Thank you for this information. Theres so much I dont know about web design. Im not sure what the difference between php or html files are but I will go check the sizes of the photos.

Whats strange is the website was working correctly for so long and then all of a sudden its not. The other strange thing is on the homepage there are images at the bottom like floor plans that I dont even want or put there so Im not sure what they are doing there.

It wasnt like this when I first uploaded so Im not sure how I got it jumbled up.

I checked the images and nothing is above 24kb. I will check each image to see if they are uploaded.

Im just wondering how the images are showing up on a page they arent suppose to even be there.

Thanks for your help!


also it might be a good idea to clear your browser cache


Yes, Ive been clearing it each time just so I can get an accurate view of the website.

For some reason despite me trying to reload the correct website from the web creator software its still not looking the way it should. Im not sure how images that arent even suppose to be on that page are showing up.

What is the quickest way to completely delete everything and reload the entire website?

Thanks for all your help!

probably the quickest way would be to click the file manager from your dashboard

right click on the htdocs folder and delete it then create a new htdocs folder


Ok thanks so much for all your help!

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Hi, I took your advice and deleted the htdocs folder and when I exited and came back a new folder was there. I got an error message that Ill attach to this reply but noticed I had two other folders that appeared to have stuff in them. Thinking those were probably the reason the upload wasnt working I deleted those, thinking I could exit and come back and they would be there again fresh and new.

Unfortunately, they werent there only the htdocs folder. Gosh, what a mess. I just wanted to upload a fresh version and it seems Ive messed the whole upload process up. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Do you know what this error message means and how I can get back to uploading my old website that I originally had up and was running fine?

Thanks again for all your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Error message

hmmm thats an interesting one

can you post a screenshot of whats shown in file manager but be careful not to show the url in the browser address bar as this contains your ftp password !

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Thank you for that reminder! Heres the screenshot…

you need to create a directory called htdocs but it looks like you created a file not a directory, delete that and try again :+1:


After deleting that file and I right click for choices the only two choices are New file or New folder. Is selecting file how you create a directory?

some call it folder others call it directory, folder is what you want :+1:

sorry for the confusion


Thank you for the clarification. I wasnt able to get onto the computer to work on it for a few days. Finally it uploaded without any issues. Its still not working as id like it to but at least its up. For some reason its not showing the home page (index page) and its going to the “about” page. Im not quite sure why on the web software it shows up accurately but once uploaded and live on the internet it scrambles it like that.

Perhaps I have to wait a day or two for everything to work. Just like it wouldnt upload last time I tried it and then today it magically loaded… thankfully!

I appreciate all your time and effforts on helping me with all this. :slight_smile:

yeah that is strange, I had a quick look at index.html and about.html and they seem identical except that one links to index css and the other to about css but apart from that they seem to contain the same data

check your local copies to make sure they are different


I just took a new screen capture and noticed that the page that seems to not be showing up has 285 B and 167 B. Im not sure whats wrong with this page as it was the page that was giving me problems before.

The server loads the home page of your site from the file called index.html, which has almost the same content as the about.html.

The two files at the top in your screenshot are different files entirely with entirely different names, so they have no effect on either the home page or the about.html page.


if your local copies of index and about look ok then try uploading them again

I think something screwy is going on with your rocketcake site builder

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Thank you both for all your help and suggestions. I tried it multiple times with no change. So I went back into rocketcake and just deleted the page and rebuilt the homepage that was having issues and it finally went up ok.

Im not sure why it initially went through and worked fine and then without making any changes to the homepage it started having problems.

Nonetheless, Im just glad its up and running.

Thanks again for all the input and help! :slightly_smiling_face:


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