Webpage looks kinda funny

the login page was fine but after i logged in to my site the homepage was stretch to oblivion
(see here: ofdm.infinityfreeapp.com/Login/login.php username: [email protected] password: 1 you’ll be logged in as Guest) the buttons/function are working fine but i can’t access the other major buttons since it was located at the right part of the container or card or whatever you call it that are stretched

compared to the one i made from 000webhost (see here: oftestme.000webhostapp.!/Login/login.php replace the ! to com because i am still a new user also the username and password was the same) it seems it looked fine except the “add file” part that i didn’t fix yet but it was working at infinityfree and the files and codes are basically the same

i don’t know what’s caused this.
i compared the two, checked the css for the width, length etc but can’t seem find the culprit

Uhhhhhhh, the 000webhost one has a LOT more length

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Thank you. turns out it’s because of my current laptop’s screen resolution, i tried other devices and it shows exactly like the pic you show above

Alright. Glad I could help!

This is what I see

I notice that you’re using pixel units for the wrapper. You should use something like vw or %.


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