Webpage down (Hosting Down)

It is to do with poor connection from the front-end proxy servers, to the back end web servers. It can be casued due to stress on the Web Hosting node

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For me it doesn’t help…

Is there any way to fix it or only wait?

I too am getting the error

If it’s server side, then nothing can be done till fixed by staff.

Okay, thanks.
Then I will wait until they fix it.

Your site is working fine in my side! (even i tried to refresh the page for many times)


I get the 522, Then it loads the webpage.

The site takes a while to load for me but it does work,

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It works fine for me too,I think there is no problem in server

It varies, It highly depends on who is visiting and when they are visiting


Maybe try to read this…

Also, I see you are not using Caching, Personally, I would enable caching in CloudFlare, it will reduce stress on the server, and reduce 522 errors, By caching the frequently used resources.


cache-control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate
pragma: no-cache

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