Web Site Suspended Problem Help

Hello, my website used to have rf.gd extension, then I bought a domain. I changed the domain on my site. In the newly purchased domain, my website constantly redirects to iFastnet.com Special offer and Discount Coupon at regular intervals. I wrote to the support team and they say nothing but clear cookies. What is the root cause of the problem? I’m so bored, even if I add 4 new content to my site, the 5th content goes to the domain suspenden link. Please help me.

website link:

old domain Kitap.rf.gd

when I visit your site link I see this

try clearing your browser cache and then visit the site again


Sometimes it opens, sometimes it redirects to the suspended page. They tell you to clean your browser. Sometimes when you clean it, the site opens, sometimes it doesn’t.

usually i am seing this web site when i click my web site

when you add a domain name to your hosting it can take up to 72 hours for the changes to synchronize everywhere so it might be that the servers in your area have not yet updated

i’ll do a quick check


this quick test shows that the name servers are mostly up but if its been less than 72 hours then there may be some that are still pending update

are you using premium hosting ? because your nameservers are set to ifastnet

if you are using infinityfree free hosting then you need to use the name servers specified in your cPanel



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