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hello sir good day I wish you all healthy days and peaceful days my website www.shenzylegend.com.tr which is my fixed website has been suspended for a short time for 24 hours and then my website is still not opened, I request you to help me…

Hi and welcome to the forum

Please clear the browser cache by pressing a few times Ctrl + F5 while viewing your website.
If that doesn’t help (because some browsers are stubborn) then follow these instructions


sir, this is currently registered to another plesk hosting, so when I connect to open inffinty hosting, it is closed, I will do it immediately
one minute.

then you have to wait for the suspension to pass
and maybe even longer due to DNS propagation
because you move the domain here and there to various hostings

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I’ve been waiting for 1 month

why didn’t you respond to this forum earlier?
and not wait for 30 days to pass

something is wrong here



it’s best to wait for the admin


It appears that your account suspension reason was changed by the hosting platform, but this did not get reflected properly in our panel.

Please submit a ticket from the client area to learn what to do next.


Sir, I made the nameserver change as epizy, but my domain is closed, I opened help support, I ask you for trouble, open my domain, I opened a request…

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