Web Installer Versions & SQL

I want to install over the Web Installer the Software package Contao and see it is the Version 3.5 … So I try to install the Download from Contao Website, Version 4.x.!

I got the error that the phar extension is not installed in PHP. So I switch to install Drupal oder the Webinstaller and I got an error that the MySQL Version is lower than the min required Version number. But it runs and I wonder if this is important or if there is a place I can the the MySQL Server Version.
Thank you!

I think that explains why Contao wasn’t updated.

As to whether it is important, I don’t know. Maybe it works well enough with MySQL 5.6 too, maybe it doesn’t.

If it doesn’t, there isn’t really anything to do though. The MySQL database versions are shared for the entire free hosting platform, you can’t just switch to a different version. We’ll have to upgrade to MySQL 5.7 at some point in the future, but that’s not a simple switch.


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