Web cert not loading occasionally

My website URL is: https://hitched2019.com

What I’m seeing is: Most of the time I load my web page, I get my certificate issued and the website shows as secured. However, occasionally I get a security warning from the browser, and the certificate is the generic one for IfastNet LTD

I’m using this software: Replicated in IE, Safari, Chrome. Using Cloudflare as DNS

Additional information: I’m using htaaccess file to redirect http traffic to https - maybe I’ve screwed that up? But it’s weird it’s only a sporadic issue.

Appreciate any help to solve - thanks guys!

iFastNet has a buggy SSL system that sometimes returns back its self-signed SSL on your domains. So we should report that buggy system to iFastNet.

The same think happening with me!
My Website: https://adelstore.cf

Appreciate the confirmation it wasn’t me just doing something dumb. Cheers guys - will raise a ticket with them

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