Web assembly upload 413 error

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error 413 about half way through uploading .wasm file to my website

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its about 69MB which is apparently too large but i need to upload it for my website to function at all so can i increase the size of files i can transfer in or make the web assembly smaller or something like that/


I don’t really know how wasm works, but it can be hard to break assembly into parts.

You can try hosting the file some where else that supports big files and direct file access, so you can import the file normally.


Thank you for your response but I really like Infinity Free and I would really like to host this here but I’m trying to figure out Firebase for just in case

The answer is simple: You can’t host files that is bigger than 10MB on our servers. I think it is possible to just host this file somewhere else while keep the rest of your website here.



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