Web App Speed

https://ekamcyber.cf/ and https://app.ekamcyber.cf/

My website and it’s sub-domain are really slow. I just added the subdomain(app.ekamcyber.cf) ,like one week old, and now my website’s speed is annoying.

The sub-domain is completely written in PHP,the parent one is in HTML & CSS.

What’s not happening?

Or what should i do to increase my website’s speed?

I checked both sites and they are blazingly fast to me.

This speedtest shows your page loads in under 300ms:

That’s awesome speed!


Your website loads quickly, like Admin says.

If,for some reason, your site doesn’t load quick for you, you can try using a cdn such as CloudFlare.

This can make your website faster in all parts of the world. Your location might have something to do with speed.


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