We site was suspended by a hater

We site was suspended by a HATER using false abuse, what can I do?


If your account is suspended for abuse, please open a support ticket like it says in the client area. We can’t help you here.


When it uses the word “abuse”, it simply means that the web site has exceeded some usage limit. There’s no hate involved in this - it’s simply monitoring usage and looking for limits not being respected. The limits can be passed simply due to the number of users, or because you’re using plug-ins that are overly intensive in their use of resources. Your job is to tune your website to minimise the risk of this happening, and if you’re getting too many users, you need to find ways to generate money from the site (e.g. through ads) so that you can afford paid hosting.


Not necessarily. Abuse could be overloading the servers, but also hosting content that violates our rules. We also rely a lot on abuse reports from external parties to help identify that content. And it could happens that someone sends an abuse report that’s initially accepted and causes the account to be suspended, but turns out to be fake when reviewed afterwards.


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