We have problems to upgrade version

We are in the v1.6.1.24, and we need to make the previous step to upgrade

And the error message is…

“PHP’s max_execution_time setting has a high value or is disabled entirely (current value: 60 seconds)”

How we resolve it? thanks

What script is that?

Btw the max execution time is locked at 60secs and will never be increased on request

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Sorry, the script is prestashop

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The script execution time is limited to prevent a heavy script from overloading the server. There is no way to increase this on free hosting (it’s only configurable on premium hosting).

You can try to do the one click upgrade anyways and hope it completes successfully within the 60 seconds (note that it’s a warning, not an error).

Alternatively, you can do a manual upgrade. This is the official article about this: How to upgrade PrestaShop :: PrestaShop Developer Documentation Note that this article assumes you have command line access to the server, which you don’t. So instead, you can download and extract the update on your own computer, and then upload the new files with an FTP client like FileZilla.

Finally, I would like to note that people have reported issues with Prestashop 1.7 which now seems to require InnoDB storage for MySQL, which free hosting also doesn’t have. So there is a realistic chance that this new version of Prestashop doesn’t work. So especially now, I cannot stress enough that you should backup your website and test the backup before making any changes to your site.


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