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We couldn’t find that page.

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please can you help me am getting this msg while tryi,g to access to my website
plz can you guide me how to make it live agine
i cleard the cache changed my ip changed the browser on my phone but still not working
not usint ftp or anything els

Working fine for me

What is the exact URL where you see the error?


I’m still getting same error any suggestions how to resolve this problem please

Try clearing your cache? Use a different device/network/VPN?


I see this too

while the online test from the USA shows that from the GR9 screenshot

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I see you’re using Cloudflare. This error can happen if the IP address in Cloudflare’s DNS records are incorrect.

I’ve checked your website directly on the website IP on our end, and your website does load there. So please make sure the the IP address in Cloudflare matches the Website IP Address in our panel.

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Thanks it’s working now :+1:

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