We cant connect to the server?


I cannot access my website, its been 5 days now : quickwebsitetuto.ml

The error message is:

"Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

We can’t connect to the server at quickwebsitetuto.ml"

I was working on it a few days ago and suddenly it stopped being reachable. I also cleared cache,
I dont know what to do

Your domain is expired, refer to it as a proof


hmm i dont understand quite well this dig tool…But I checked freenom and it says my domain is active, I received it a few weeks ago and should be good for 1 year

I did make a switch to https with cloudflare and free SSL (before I realise infinityfree offers it). Since it worked perfectly with the unlock pad i didnt suspect it till now…is it possible infinity free blocked it? Also I cant delete the plugin “simple ssl” from my files, it marks an error

Well, if you check it, if the domain was not expired, you coud see the nameservers you’ve given to it there.

Hi Dino,

I switched the name servers for those of freenom and I can see them at the end the Dig analysis

What could that mean?

ns01.freenom.com to ns04.freenom.com? it seems there’s an issue with freenom itself, contact them.


Okay, thanks a lot

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