Warning when opening filezila

Hello why am i getting this notification/warning when i open filezilla to transfer my updated files? It says it’s been valid till today 2am in the morning. How do i make it last longer?
Screenshot 2023-07-22 215019

You’re not the FTP server admin; the server admin is iFastNet, that provides free service for us. For now you can still trust the certificate permanently until they renew it on FileZilla.


how do i do that?

Oh, I didn’t notice that these checkboxes are inactive:

Since they’re inactive, you’ll always have to click on “OK” to connect every single time there will be the warning until they renew it. You can also change the connection type to “Plain FTP” temporarily, even though that option is not secure.


yeah i can’t tick them, alrighty thanks!

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It does appear the SSL certificate for ftpupload.net has expired, and no new one has been installed.

I’ve asked iFastNet to renew the certificate and install it. We’ll have to wait for them to get this resolved.

In the mean time, the existing certificate is safe enough, so you can just accept the expired certificate.


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