wanted to know if backing up via ftp would not affect any of my fees for free storage. Thank you!

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I am preparing my website and I am not yet ready to move from hosting to paid hosting. I have had problems using the daily CPU quota and I have deactivated my site twice. I have noticed it has to do with backups with Akeeba in Joomla. I have read the article https://infinityfree.net/support/how-to-make-backups/ and wanted to know if backing up via ftp would not affect any of my fees for free storage. Thank you!

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What do you mean? Did you mean backing up your site using the akeeba plugin via their Remote FTP option or just backing up your site with the old fashion way by just downloading all your site folders and files directly to your device?

By Backing up Via FTP there aren’t really additional charges to your account, as what InfinityFree said in it’s homepage it’s completely free and will not charge you anything, but can suspend you for using too much resources and stuffs.

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Thanks for answering. Yes, I mean when I backup from Joomla with Akeeba. It takes a long time and then the page collapses because the administrators are blocking it.


It’s not really recommended to use a backup plugin as InfinityFree has a 10 mb upload limit and also some execution time limits which would significantly affect backup plugins.
You can learn more about it here:

Also if you want to backup your site, try compressing all your htdocs files or files that you want to backup and then download it by using the Filemanager or an FTP software.

Hope this helps!


If you use a backup plugin, the plugin code runs within the CPU allocation of your account. So by using a backup plugin, you reduce the remaining CPU time you can use to do other things with your website.

Only the PHP code running in your own account is counted for your CPU usage. FTP uploads and downloads, as well as managing your database through our phpMyAdmin.


Thank you very much for the answer, now it is easier for me to understand it.

Very good idea. Thank you for helping.

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