Want to remove my free ssl

My username is: epiz_30966451

I have installed free ssl. But now i want to remove the active free ssl for my site. But there is no Revoke option available. Please remove the active ssl for my site as soon as possible. Please. It’s very urgent. Please remove it.

Use the DELETE CERTIFICATE button in the control panel. We cannot do it for you.


Can you please take a step back and explain the problem you’re having exactly? What exactly are you trying to achieve?

There is such a thing as revoking a certificate, but not all providers support it. And revoking a certificate doesn’t remove it from your website, it just makes it that the certificate won’t be affected by most browsers anymore.

The Delete Certificate button in the control panel is broken I think, but there isn’t a good reason to use it anyways. Removing a certificate won’t make all visitors use HTTP instead of HTTPS. If you want to do that, you need a valid certificate (ironic, I know, but this is how it works, and for good reason) and setup a redirect on your site in the same way you were redirecting people to HTTPS before.

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