Vistapanel does not recognize certificate

I want to generate origin certificate from cloudflare so i did this first.
control panel–>ssl/tsl

then generate my own certificate request

i made sure to enter info in ALL fields.

it the generated the request

so with the request i went to cloudflare with the intent to generate a certificate signed by cloudflare.

On origin certificate, i copy paste the CSR generated from vistapanel csr feature

it successfully created a certifficate

so i went ahead and copy pasted the cloudflare generated certificate

After clicking Upload certificate, i get this error

ive repeated this process many times to no avail,

so i tried creating free ssl from other organisation and i tried sslforfree
but it complains vistapanels csr was mismatching the domain. the problem i realized is that the csr does not cover www. instead only 1 domain which hence the errors ive experienced.

should this be normal?

Cloudflare TLS Certificates are not accepted in Infinity Free free hosting services

The issue with the Cloudflare Origin Certificate is normal. Our system both checks whether the certificate domain name is correct, and whether the certificate was issued by a recognized certificate authority. Cloudflare’s Origin Certificates are signed by Cloudflare, and Cloudflare is not a recognized certificate authority (only Cloudflare can verify the origin certificate, no-one else can). So you cannot use it.

People do report that works (or at least Let’s Encrypt does). I know that with Let’s Encrypt, you have to generate a CSR for just your root domain (e.g. and request a certificate for www.example AND in the same certificate. Whether or how exposes that part of Let’s Encrypt, I don’t know. But you can try searching the web for guides.

Sslforfree is not supported on free hosting servers.

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