Virus installed on my website?

Edge and Firefox browsers are giving phishing/virus alerts (red page) for my website Did somebody install virus and something on my website. There is no SSL or https for my website

Did you install SSL cert in the first place?

No. Can you see my website in Firefox and Edge browsers ?

I think edge is filtering it because of your address name.

Google has marked your website as harmful through their Safe Browsing tool. If you believe that this is invalid, you can setup your domain in the Search Console and request a review of your site from there.

And, no offense, but all the “invest now, buy silver here” links do seem kinda sketchy to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google simply doesn’t like such text and links.

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Admin, there is BIG news for Silver. Read my website and invest in Silver. Also can you read my website ? It is working in Chrome browser

DJDAN2020, my website got blocked today. Past 2 years I am using Edge for my website. 500 to 700 real visitors everyday

Did you try doing this?


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