Virus in my site, causing it to overheat the server's CPU

My website URL is:

all of them

What I’m seeing is:
Hello, my website is taken down everyday for CPU overheating. It seems there is some kind of virus, because my email form is abused with whole lotta of messages, even though the site is down. They often hold such sender #file_links[“C:\Frazes.txt”,1,N]: #file_links[“C:\Links_Dating.txt”,1,N].

I am hosting a wordpress site. How can I fix this?

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

Hi there,

you probably have a Wordpress theme or plugin installed which is malware.
The best thing to do is probably do delete the theme and all plugins.

If you still have issues after this, please reply to this thread.


Since you’re using Cloudflare, you may also want to go through Cloudflare’s security settings to tighten them. While Cloudflare claims to protect your website from threats, I can tell from experience there is still plenty they let through.


You should have an adequate contact form that has validation as well as a recaptcha before your site forward a message to your email.

Who can comment on your WP can be set in WP

or Settings Discussion Screen – Documentation –

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If it actually has, then your core files will be the target mainly.
But virustotal says it is clean as of now.

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