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Hi admain
My MediaWiki web site some time view error page
How can I do?
I have upload images in this topic thanks.

Doesnt seem to have any issues with it for me, even a few reloads

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It looks fine to me

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So this wiki is no problem??

I can’t really reproduce the issue, can you try using another device?

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other device?

Your screenshot is from a phone, maybe try it using a tablet/ipad or computer?

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the my computer sometimes the same can you help me?


Maybe you can try clear your browser cache. On most desktop Ctrl + F5 works, and on the phone you might want to google.


That makes it a lot easier, can you press Ctrl + Shift + I(i) on your computer?

Navigate to the console tab, reload(until the issue happens), take a screenshot.

And, Navigate to the “network” tab, reload(until the issue happens), and take a screenshot.

Send the screenshots here


ok i try it. thanks.

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thank you.

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