Verification TXT record

As Emails are no longer supported on the Free Version, I wanted to migrate to another email Hosting service, but to do so, I need to insert a Verification TXT record.

You do not support TXT records, what are my options if I need to have this to complete my setup?

Does it mean that I cannot migrate this service elsewhere?

It’s SPF Records. Just insert it their, you can find it from your control panel.

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Hi, I inserted the Verification TXT message there, but I still get a “Fail” response.
I want to move my email hosting to Migadu, and they need to verify this, without it I am stuck…

It might take sometimes or upto 12 hours to verify the status, check it back later.

Everything works now. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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We’re glad to help, don’t forget to smash that green mark check!

He actually forgot.

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