Verification email not recieved

I’ve recommended your free hosting to a small local archery club, and I’m trying to register a website on their behalf but the verification email isn’t coming through. I’ve verified their email address works fine. Is there any information in the back end that could help me get this created for them?

Thanks in advance.

p.s. I’ve tried resending the email multiple times and they’ve waited for up to an hour (they say nothing in spam either). I’ve checked the email address and it is correct, so not sure what the next steps might be!

I looked into this and I think I found the registration.

I can see that six verification emails were sent over the span of three hours. According to our email provider, all messages were delivered successfully to your email provider (Go Daddy).

This is what Go Daddy’s mail server responded on the first email:

250 2.0.0 bLf4r5CutkTEk - bLf4r5CutkTEkbLf5rjqsQ mail accepted for delivery

What happens after the email is handed over to your email provider is out of our control. Your email provider can then choose whether to deliver the email to your inbox, your spam folder, or just discard it entirely.

You could try asking your email provider about this, maybe they are able to trace the message based on the message IDs above.


Thank you. I have raised this with GoDaddy/123reg 4 days ago for resolution but nothing yet - hopefully it will help any others in future to avoid blocking. Is there any way you could manually approve in the meantime?

I’m sorry, but at this time, the only “proof” I have that the email address is correct and owned by you is your word. Also, the email address is not just used for verification, it’s also used to keep you informed about important changes to your account. And if your email provider discards email from us, we will not be able to keep you informed.

If you would like to get started right now, maybe you could sign up with another email address in the mean time?


Hi Admin, thank you, I understand the position. On the upside, they have now changed their filters, the account is up and running and their feedback is below for your information.

"Our spam filters were catching the subject line “Verify Email Address” as it was a typical phishing subject. After looking over the previous seven days’ worth of emails, our email operations team decided to remove the subject line from the filter since there has not been much of it. They might, however, be blocked once more if a large volume of phishing-related emails with the subject line “Verify Email Address” arrive in the future.

To prevent looking like a phishing attempt, we suggest that you make your subject line more distinctive. For example, “Verify email address for” would be more specific and less generic."


Good to hear the issue has been resolved for now, and thank you for sharing the feedback from your email provider.

I can see how our (admittedly generic) email subject could cause it to get flagged. I’ll make sure we get that changed soon to avoid more people having such issues.


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