Utf8_turkish_ci encoding and phpMyAdmin data export problem

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I am using utf8_turkish_ci enconding.
When I am sending data to mysql and retriving data from mysql there is no problem related to Turkish characters.

But when I am using php myadmin interface turkish characters do not display properly, also when I export data from phpmyadmin charters are not visible correctly.

What can be the problem ?

In database tables all fields are utf8_turkish_ci

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Welcome to the wonderful world of character encoding!

With MySQL, you get a ton of different parameters to tweak character encoding. There is charset and collection, which can be tweaked on the server, database, table, column and connection limit.

What’s also important to note: database connections from PHP use the latin1 character set, but you can override it in your own code. But phpMyAdmin uses utf8 encoding, which cannot be changed.

The consequence of this is that unless you configure your own database connections to use utf8 encoding, you CANNOT read or write special characters with phpMyAdmin and have them display properly on your site.

I agree that this is silly, but we can’t change the default without breaking every website that’s not using utf8 encoding and is storing special characters.


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