Using my Domain on Infinity Free

I want Still to use my Domain on Infinity Free even after Delegating it to a different Nameserver. please is this possible?

No you cannot. It is a bit unfortunate, but this is how it works. And why you want to?

Yes, this is possible, with a bit of a workaround.

To add a domain name to your hosting account, the domain name MUST point to our nameservers. After you’ve added the domain name to your account, you can move the domain name to other nameservers.

However, it’s your responsibility to make sure that these other nameservers are configured correctly to handle your domain name. We don’t officially support this, so this is only recommended if you feel comfortable managing your own DNS.


I’m glad to find out that this is possible. Thank you very much. But please can I get an elaborated steps about the whole workaround to delegate the domain to the nameservers. Thanks.

As always, please check the knowledge base first, because we’ve already written plenty of articles and guides with more information:


Alright I have pointed my domain to Infinity Free nameservers. And the domain is now activated. So how do I deligate it now to a different Nameserver and still use the domain on Infinity Free. Thanks for your response.

Simple: just add the DNS records for the services you want to use to your own nameservers and update your domain’s nameservers.

You’ll probably want to know your IP address for that. That’s described here:

Because while you do need to point your domain to our nameservers to activate it, you’re free to move it back afterwards.


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