Using IMAP in osTicket

Hi, I have installed osTicket through softaculous on

It all works fine until I go into admin panel → email → edit email and put in my IMAP details to automatically create tickets: it says IMAP doesn't exist. PHP must be compiled with IMAP enabled

Would you be able to enable IMAP on my account’s php? I can’t see a way to enable it myself.

– Tom

Sorry, but in order for fairness, they can’t unless everybody receives IMAP. Plus the mail system been disabled for spam issues.


Odd, I can remember it being enabled in the past and can’t personally thing of any reason why it would be disabled. I’ll go check if or why it was disabled since then.

EDIT: I just received confirmation that IMAP was disabled on purpose due to abuse. Unfortunately, that means you cannot use IMAP on free hosting, and you’ll need to upgrade to premium to use PHP IMAP functions.


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