Using Google MX with InfinityFree for domain hosing

I would like to host getsoup . org on InfinityFree. I’d like to retain Google MX/mail, and therefore the naked domain has to be hosted by Google. I can point all subdomains to NS through InfinityFree

I’m able to create a subdomain www1 .getsoup, and point the NS for www1 to InfinityFree with no problems – it works, here:

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Adding www as a hosted domain

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" Please do not include the www. prefix on a domain name."

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Need to keep the Naked domain to NS through Google, so MX records work through Google.

Want www.getsoup to point to InfinityFree.

What you can do is add the naked domain ( for that change the nameservers temporarily to those of infinityfree. once added to the the hosting account, you can change the nameservers back to Google then add an A record pointing to the server IP as shown in your client area.


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