Useless account

Hello sir, delete my account many added domains, now they don’t work.

goto accounts and choose the account you wish to delete, then click on account settings in the left menu panel

scroll down and click the red ‘deactivate account’ button

BUT before this you might want to remove any domain names associated with that hosting account in the cPanel


What the issue you’re having? Maybe the “useless account” isn’t so useless after all and can be made useful with a small fix.


Sid I have added domain don’t leave the show in foot clint area

I checked your account, and I don’t see it. I do see a domain (that’s with “toons”, not “toos”).

The domain “” doesn’t seem to be registered at all. If you want to host this domain as well, you’ll need to purchase it as well.

Your account is fully functioning and extremely useful. Just not for domains that you don’t have. Please try to use the actual domain name you actually have, and check for typos next time before concluding that something is broken.


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