Use WordPress for a simple page

How can i use WordPress not for a blog but for a simple website?

Why would you use WordPress than? WP is meant for blogs or e-commerce. It is just a waste or resources, but you can remove the blog page, and the ability to comment in settings. You can also use Publii as recommended by @robertz


If I want to create a “Portfolio” site, where is a good site/website builder completely free??

The best way is to do it yourself.
Can you invest 5 hours learning something that will be very helpful both now and in the future?


Of course custom coding would be the best! has amazing courses in HTML and CSS. You can always ask for help if you get stuck here, or on Stock Exchange!


Thank you @Greenreader9 for mentioning me. @OverloadedTech If you want a simple website you don’t need to use wordpress. It is really an overkill since it uses 80 MB (more if you install it manually) just for a simple hello world page. Using Publii on my site with a lot of posts decreased it to 6 MB since there is no admin dashboard on the site (it is on your home computer)

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Hey there. The size of the CMS doesn’t matter, as you get unlimited bandwidth. What does matter however are the total number of files, and the number of PHP files. Both of with Publii has less of. You can of course still use WP, but it would not be recommended in this scenario.

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