URL Redirect to http://suspended-website.com/e/ 7

Username epiz_27330027

URL Redirect to http://suspended-website.com

This only shows in internet explorer, chrome etc shows a blank screen
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why is it still happening even though it’s been 24 hours

This usually means that your website was deactivated. Usually, they appear in the client area for 60 days.
After that, you can’t reactivate them.

So, what you have to do is probably check to see if your website was deactivated for some reason

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For some reason, it appears that your account was not reactivated automatically after the 24 hours have passed. I’ve reactivated it manually for now.


Hi, I’m having the exact same problem.
My account have been disabled for 3 days already and it’s not being reactivated …

Username epiz_27319758

Thank you in advance!

Pls check client area to make sure you are not in suspension loop…

There aren’t any.
It was just this one time.

Yep, definitely same problem. You account has been reactivated too now.

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