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I set up an account with the subdomain wb-cameron.free.nf but found that the Monsta Online File Manager wouldn’t complete the uploading of folders included in a website I wanted to upload to my htdocs folder.

I didn’t want to go to the bother of installing an FTP Client and, after some research, I discovered that, if I entered “ftp://ftp.infinityfree.com” into the address bar of File Explorer, it requested my Account Name & Password and, after entering these, Explorer made a direct connection to my htdocs folder and allowed me to successfully upload all the files & folders needed for my website (by simply dragging them into it, Yay :grinning:).

However, I have now added a further two accounts using the subdomain addresses shown above (highlander.free.nf & briancameron.free.nf) but I cannot find a way to point Explorer to their htdocs folders. (Everything I have tried just fails or opens the htdocs folder for my first subdomain: wb-cameron.free.nf).

Is there any way I can get File Explorer to connect to the htdocs folders of my 2nd & 3rd accounts?

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:
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If you log into your InfinityFree account and go to Accounts and click your domain you should see your FTP connection info (host, username, password). Each account has different connection settings.

Yes, I have made a note of those for each account but even trying to put “ftp://ftp.infinityfree.com/if0_a/c No.” or “ftp://if0_a/c [email protected]/” into Explorer still just opens the htdocs folder of my first a/c (wb-cameron.free.nf).
I am trying to find a way to get Explorer to connect to the htdocs folders of my 2nd & 3rd accounts (highlander.free.nf & briancameron.free.nf)

Never mind.
I just installed FileZilla so won’t need to use Explorer any more. :man_shrugging:
Only useful if you’re just running one account/infinityfree(subdomain) website. :thinking:

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Hi The_Highlander,

Windows Explorer caches FTP access by domain, not by accounts, the prefix part before the @ is not always taken if you already have a credential saved in the Credential Store of your Windows.

Instead of trying this method, using FileZilla can provide you with multiple website management, and you can easily sync files with a more reliable connection method. The UI also uses a native Windows Explorer listing so you get a similar experience there as well.



Nice call, I just replied the same time you did, lol

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TYVM @chiucs123.
I’ve already taken your advice. :+1: :smiley:
(See my previous post. :innocent:)

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Yeah, Filezilla is much easier to use. I either use the built-in FTP app from InfinityFree (MonstaFTP) or, Filezilla.


I used to use ftp://ftpupload.net
check that

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I’m afraid Monsta FTP was the problem! That’s why I began using File Explorer to FTP my website files (to my first account).

Monsta failed to completely upload every folder, it would halt when it reached the final file (or one of the final files) in the folder. Occasionally it would even fail to complete the upload of a single file too!

But when I discovered that I couldn’t get Windows File Explorer to connect to more than one account I was, therefore, forced to resort to installing an FTP Client and FileZilla was the obvious choice. I’d used it in the past and prefer to use Mozilla’s (open source freeware) wherever possible (to avoid adware & other nasties and also avoid contributing to the profits of the software barons :wink:).

Unfortunately, I’ve sold my soul to Google (to get their all-encompassing connectivity across all devices & platforms) so I did replace Firefox with Chrome but I still use Thunderbird for my email client. :+1:

@EyadMahmoud: Your link doesn’t appear to be working (at least for me) but thank you for your contribution anyway. :hugs:

FileZilla suits me fine, thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


You might check out Vivaldi browser. It’s Chrome based but with more features, less spying, and ad blocking too.

Thanks, I may look into that. :+1: :wink:

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