Uploaded pictures in uploads section wordpress are gone


im using the service for a while now and rechecked my site thesoulspeaks.ml and saw my uploaded pictures files (wordpress/uploads) are all gone. they are up on the server when i login via ftp but when i login to wordpress i can’t find all my pictures in the media library.

what could be the problem? im confused it worked before, would be glad if somebody can help, thank you.

Ur acct suspended?

Try checking suspension in client area


Hmm, that’s strange. Files shouldn’t disappear from the Media Library of WordPress just like that.

Maybe you could try reimporting it into the library? A plugin like this one can do that for you:


ok, thank you for your fast replies. the account is not suspended and i already used the plugin above, it always hangs up when i import my files. i think i need to register those files on my database but how? or you got any other ideas?

That’s what the plugin I linked to is supposed to do.

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