Uploaded files. site not working

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
generic splash page.

I’m using this software:
monsta ftp.

Additional information:

i’m relatively new to coding. just got my web design certificate a couple months ago and this site is my first one outside of the classroom. i used a bootstrap template to create a 4 page website with an inquiry form on the contact page. i’m having trouble getting that working too, but that’s another issue for a later date. i got the site working fine on my local area network, but for some reason when i uploaded the files to the server in the folder they told me to use the site doesn’t work. it just goes to the generic infinity free splash page saying you’re ready to create a site. don’t know how to fix this or what to do. please help.

I have checked the account for leisurephotoindustries.com (epiz_23567112), but it doesn’t look like it has ever been accessed.

Your other account, epiz_23567117, does have a website uploaded to it, which is accessible at leisurephotoindustries.epizy.com. If you would also like to access that website on leisurephotoindustries.com, you can either upload the same website to the other account, or add the domain to your second account as a Parked Domain.

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