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I have been on the free server for a little while. I have some videos that are too large for the free hosting. If I upgrade to the Super Premium site, will I have a limit on file size? Some of the videos are over 100 meg

Premium probably has a file limit (almost all providers have one).

However, it will be much higher (it probably won’t affect what you are doing).

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Premium hosting doesn’t have a file size limit. But the same terms apply as on our hosting, meaning the storage can only be used for regular website files.

So having some video content, for example for a background video, is OK. But using free or premium hosting for a movie sharing site is not OK.


So ifastnet can’t be used for API hosting?

BTW, your site contains inappropriate adult material. I am not the admin, but in the terms and conditions it says you can’t contain adult material:



How did I miss that XD?

Yeah, although my morals go against it, @davidpc you should use another web host.

Note that GoDaddy also has the same rule in place about adult content, as will many other providers.


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