Uplading script

I’m trying to upload a script zip file in htdocs but it’s not getting upload directly with ftp and even i uploaded with filezilla but my zip file got dissapeared after uploading…

Unpack the zip file locally and upload its content?


it have more than a thousand content

Better than uploading your zip file and watching it automatically get deleted.
Even if you manage to upload it, you cannot unpack it server side.


i have no problem in unpacking but uploading is the problem

If you can upload the zip file then why not upload its content directly?


i’m trying to upload contents with filezilla but only the folder is getting uploaded inner content are not present

If you drag an entire folder from your computer to your hosting account, FileZilla will read all the files in the directory and all it’s subdirectories and proceed to upload all of them. I’m not sure why it’s working for you, because FileZilla should have no problem upload the extracted directory.

Do you see the list of files being put in the upload queue at the bottom of the screen?


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