I’ve upgraded to premium hosting, am i able to have a ticket open to dicuss this further?

What do you need help with?

Just need a ticket open regarding a domain transfer / upgrade :wink:

I don’t believe you can open a ticket until after you upgrade. We can help you here though! (And if we cant, Admin can!)

I have upgraded

Perfect! I believe you can open a ticket on THIS page somewhere. (I’m on the free plan, so I don’t exactly where)
Good Luck!

If your upgrading to iFastNet, please see their support page:



Sure, just go to iFastNet’s support portal at https://support.ifastnet.com, create an account and open your ticket.

Please note that we (InfinityFree) to not provide any paid services and do not provide any support for paid services. The premium hosting is provided by iFastNet, so you will need to contact them for help.


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