Updates for different stuff to run Scripts.

I don’t understand all this but a script said that to install I need the following versions of stuff. Hopefully this can happen and allow more people a better experience.

  1. PHP - INTL Extension - ICU Version (4.2.1) (Hint: ICU Data 4.8.1 or higher is required)
  2. PHP - INTL Extension - ICU Data Version (0) (Hint: ICU Data 4.8.1 or higher is required)
  3. LDAP Support (Hint: Optional - Install PHP LDAP Extension and Zend LDAP Composer Package)
  4. PHP - APC Support (Hint: Optional - Install APC Extension for APC Caching)
    Thanks guys, if there is a way I can fix this myself that would be great!


You need to download each software and individually upload it to your website. You may be unable to do so because if the file limits, if so you can upgrade to the paid hosting package. What script where you trying to install exactly? Unless it was from a third-party website you shouldn’t need any external software to use the script.