Unwanted advertisements on my website?

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My index.html was working fine but suddenly it stopped and was replaced with advertisements can I have any help?

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This is what I see:

If you’ve just changed your name servers, you will have to wait a bit longer.


In general alot of websites don’t work in chrome properly for me however when i incoginto it works do you know why

That is usually a cache problem.
The old version of the site is already cached in your browser but, when you open an incognito tab, the browser bypasses the cache.

If you clean your Chrome’s cache it will work fine without having to open an incognito session.


@Areze1 Hi

Please don’t delete your question because it can be useful for other users.
I have returned the topic to the state before,
but I hid the URL because I guess you didn’t want it to be seen.
Thank you


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