Unknown Redirect Problem

The redirect to the cookies page is a result of a security system we have on our hosting. Normally, this would mean that your browser does run Javascript, but is blocking all cookies, which would prevent you from accessing the site.

But I know for sure that my browser does support cookies, I can see the cookies are set, but I also get this redirect.

While the first page load is actually caused by our security system, the subsequent request (when the security cookie is already set and the site should load) also gets the content of the security page. However, it has a bunch of additional response headers referencing something called “Nitro Cache”. Nitro Cache isn’t something from our hosting, so it seems that your website is showing people the security page instead of the actual web page.

I’m not sure why this happens when you use Nitro Cache. But I would suggest to disable it for now and see if that fixes your sites. If it does, you can decide whether you want to replace this Nitro Cache system with something that works better or want to do some tweaking to find out what’s causing this issue.