Unknown Problems in my website

Hello guys
I am seeing this problem any help?
What is it?
What is the cause?
What are effects?
And what is the solution?


It’s so hard to say from afar
because the address where it happened to you is also in a closed environment (logged in as admin)

But nothing dramatic - it’s just a warning

The element you were trying to find wasn’t in the DOM when your script ran.

Browsers parse HTML documents from top to bottom. Elements are added to the DOM and scripts are executed as they’re encountered, s some scripts (probably jQuery) can’t find elements that appear later in the markup because those elements have yet to be added to the DOM.

Second part

it can happen that something is missing
like a regular favicon.ico and then you see error page 404 which is on IF,
but due to CORB it is unable to retrieve it.


Does it have any negative effects?and how should I find what is missing?

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That depends on what’s missing. If everything works, it’s probably not that important.

If you check the Network tab, that’s where all the requests are logged that are being done to load the page. One of those will have the status code 302. If there are multiple requests with that status code, check the Response Headers for a header called Location, which contains the infinityfree.net/errors/404/ page.

That request has the URL that your browser is requesting but cannot be found on the server.


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