Unable to verify SSL

when I set cname manually, SSL got verified but then it started giving error of 2 texts files exists and creation of SSL is failed with code 2

then I had to remove the entries, I’d did manually.
and none of the DNS records is ready

then I added 1 record again manually but still, there are no changes and it shows me to add cname records.

what steps should I follow to get SSL done and use https with WordPress

do you added cname record in control panel?.if yes wait for 24 hours to propogate.

1.add those two entries in control panel in Cname records

2.once you add please wait upto 24 hours.

3.if it is propogated successfuly .request for a certificate.

4.the ssl certificate will be provided to you within some minutes.

5.after that you have to install that in your cpanel to correct domain

6.once you done this in wordpress install plugin called really simple ssl and activate it .

if my steps are not clear follow the steps below


Welcome to the forum,
Please remove parking page nameservers,coz they break your website.


Why does he need simple ssl?

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because he want to force all the traffic to https://

Please remove any and all nameserver exempt from ns1 & ns2.epizy.com



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