Unable to validate ssl for infinity free website

I tried using zerossl
to verify SSL on a free infinityfree website http://longrichnm.epizy.com
but got this error

Invalid response from http://longrichnm.epizy.com/.well-known/acme-challenge/0r1I6OPPFxYC4FdIL04svNKkfbee3_Sx8hn-evtoT2E []: “<html><body><script type="text/javascript" src="/aes.js" ></script><script>function toNumbers(d){var e=;d.replace(/(…)/g,func”

Please how do i solve it?

InfinityFree has bot protection, to prevent bad bots from visiting your site. But as an unfortunate side effect, it also blocks the bot used by Let’s Encrypt to verify your site. There are ways around it though. The easiest is to register your own TLD domain (or get it from Freenom or another free source), and use another DNS service (like Cloudflare) to do TXT record validation, before pointing it to your hosting account.

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