Unable to use email

I am new here, I created 2 email accounts.
I am unable to login to both email accounts using webmail.
I added my domain MX record as well.
Tried to reset password. Still same issue.
I am unable to access it via email clients as well.
I planned to use a different email hosting, however while changing MX record there is a record kyv52fwy.epizy.com, which cannot be deleted, please help

The kyv52fwy.epizy.com mx record doesn’t count towards your site’s mx records. If you looked up your mx records from another site, it wouldn’t show up. Just ignore it, and everything will be fine. I have one pointed to “hud2esjj.epizy.com” and it doesn’t do anything.

Thanks for your help.
When I click on email accounts, I get a notification to add MX record to receive emails, I already added the same, still I get the notification.
I am still unable to login to email CIA webmail and unable to configure email client

The MX record notification is always shown there, even if your domain name is configured correctly. If you’re not sure it was configured correctly, please see this article: https://infinityfree.net/support/how-to-set-your-mx-record

Thanks for your reply, after adding the MX record, I am still unable to login

@HumanAbuse said:
Thanks for your reply, after adding the MX record, I am still unable to login

You need to login to webmail with the email address of the mailbox you’re trying to access, and the password specific to the email address you entered in the Email Accounts menu.

If that doesn’t work, can you please explain what you see?

IMG 1 Pics Art 11 07 11 34 49 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB
IMG 2 https://ibb.co/ce6UtG
Check screenshot of the error.
I tried to login using Admin@*****.in and also tried Admin
Still unable to login, password has been changed twice

I don’t see any error message on any of your screenshots. I only see the MX record notification, but that’s not an error message.

Please make sure you’re using the correct password. You do need to use the full email address to login, but try with a fully lowercase email address as well.