Unable to upload local wordpress files to hosting

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Website; Dogersace.vip
Account: epiz_31668449

I have created a local wordpress website. To upload it to the hosting, I have created the *.php files and all the files in a *.zip. I upload them to httsdocs, the *.php is uploaded but .zip as soon as it is uploaded, get deleted, again and again.
I have tried with other folders, but in all of them the same thing happens.


Because the maximum file size here is 10MB.


Extract the zip and upload through ftp software


I did it, bu t still having issues…Please, check screenshot. I don’t know how I can get my website online.

Another screenshot

The max file size is 10mb. If the installation process actually requires the zip file, you cannot host that program here.


Copy the extracted files inside folder not extracted folder.
And check any files having more than 10mb in size and total files and folders should be less than 30000

Please follow this guide to manually migrate your website.


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