Unable to setup ssl certificate

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Step 3: Set up DNS Records for songer.great-sitedotcom
Please set up the following CNAME record on your domain name. This record is necessary for the certificate provider to verify you own the domain name.

We couldn’t identify the nameservers of your domain name.
Please set up the CNAME records at your domain’s DNS provider.
The current nameservers of your domain are: ns1.parklogic.com, …

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I have two domains with Infinityfree and have had no problems renewing ssl certificates in the past. However on the most recent occasion, I had a straightforward experience with one and this one is stuck. No matter what CNAME records I add, or which certificate supplier I try, I am staying at Draft or Pending status with no advice of progress, and in the case of the request to GOGETSSL I don’t seem to be able to delete the request. I have sourced all of the resources I am using from infinityfree, so I don’t understand why parklogic nameservers are referred to.

Please note that the domain is songer.great-site.NET, not songer.great-site.COM. You have placed an order for the latter.


Well, that will make a difference! I thought I always picked the name off a list so never checked it, but there must have been one time when I typed it - wrong. :slight_smile:

Many thanks, all now seems to be working


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