Unable to set MX records not propagating

My website URL is:

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I’m using this software:

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Dear support Forum,
I have been trying to assign a MX record:

I had changed this more than 24 hours now. While the NS works the MX is not working and the hosting CP is alerting: To receive emails on the email address you will need to set the for your domain name to mx.epizy.com which I have done at the domain registrar’s CP. After not having the MX record set I contacted their support and they mentioned:
As the domain Nameservers are not pointed to our servers. You will have to contact your Nameservers provider and then Update the DNS record there so that the MX records will propagate and Yes the Namservers are updated on our end correctly, but the MX records needs to be Updated on their end 'epizy.com

Could you kindly set this for me so I may send and receive emails?

Many thanks

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Please let me know your problems briefly

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Thank you for replying promptly.
I have set the MX record at the domain registrar as mx.epizy.com and also at the VISTA Panel. but the MX records still alerts me on the Vista Panel. I had contacted the support at the domain registrar and they told me settings of MX records were fine and I should speak hosting provider and I should contact your Nameservers provider and then Update the DNS record there so that the MX records will propagate.
Could you kindly take a look as I am totally stuck at this point.
Thanking you in advance
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you use cloudflare

the last third of text here https://infinityfree.net/support/how-to-set-your-mx-record/

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Thank you OxyDac for your reply.
There is a MX record by default that should not be there and is causing the problem and I am unable to delete it. There should be only one MX records not 2.
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If you’re using Cloudflare by cPanel if infinity free, then it is impossible to set mx record. U either need to enable Cloudflare by nameservers setup or disable Cloudflare.

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Hope u understand

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Thank you for mentioning this Allroundernaman,
I have disabled ClouFlare now let’s see what happens.

I could give you a secret advise. That I did. That you can also enable Cloudflare and also enable mx records. But this method take a lot of patience and 2 day wait

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Thank you Aallroundernaman,
I was hoping on working MX so I took your advice - and have already disabled CloudFlare. It would be great addition. Perhaps we can add the CloudFlare after we have resolved the MX record problem. Never the less I do appreciate and most welcome any advice from you. Please do let me know as I am clueless about this.
Thanking you
Sincere regards

Ok then, after disabling Cloudflare from your cPanel in epizy.com, then go and register an account in Cloudflare… go-to dash.cloudflare.com

Register your account and then click add new site. Do the following and then send me screenshot I will tell u the latest part. Remember when dns Query will be displayed, please take a screenshot and then send herr

Ur welcome… Sorry for late reply…I am an Indian… That was the night time

The MX record notice is always shown there as a reminder, it doesn’t reflect the actual status of your MX records.

If you are confident your MX records are configured correctly, then there is nothing else to do.

The default MX record is not causing the problem. I agree that the interface isn’t very clear, but you only need to check the rows which contain the particular domain name you’re setting the MX records for. Does the MX record not match the domain name you’re trying to configure? Then the MX record cannot possibly affect the mail delivery for your domain in any way.

In other words, having two MX records makes total sense, if these two MX records are for different domains.

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