Unable to see website w/ sub-domain

I’ve been trying to set up a website w/ cPanel (specifically a WordPress site), but it’s not showing up. What should I do in order to make my website appear?

You should start by telling us which subdomain you are trying to use, because that would allow us to filter the hundreds of reasons what you could possibly have to do to see your website.


Could you let us know if your domain is redirecting to Parked-Domain.org? If it is you will need to wait another 12 hours or so for the domain to resolve worldwide.

If this issue still occurs in 12 hours please don’t hesitate to contact our support team again with further details and as much information as you can access.

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Hello @Rxanadu. It’s good that you are seeking for help on our support forums. First of please tell us more details about your problem. First of all, tell us your sub-domain name. Also be more specific about website “not showing up”. Are you completely sure that you have installed WordPress script on your website?

Please recheck your htdocs directory which is under your subdomain’s directory on File Manager. Make sure that the files are there. Another question. Did you install WordPress through Softaculous script installer, or you installed it manually? If you tried to install it manually, are you sure that you have ran installer script and filled it up with database details and completed installation?

Contact back to us with required information so it’s easier for us to resolve your issue.

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The sub-domain is ‘http://appzini.rf.gd/

At this moment, it’s still not working.

Your website seems to be working from here, so I suspect that you are still viewing a cached version of the page. Can you please try to clear your browser cache and DNS cache and try again?

What do you see? I only see a page saying my website is “up and running!” What I need to see is something other than that.

What do you see? I only see a page saying my website is “up and running!” What I need to see is something other than that.

That’s the page I see as well. And as far as I can tell, that message says exactly what’s going on: your subdomain is up and running.

What did you expect to see there? Did you already upload something to the directory corresponding to the subdomain?

@Rxanadu… What else you expected? Your website is up and running. Now you can insall scripts or CMS on your site or upload html files and start creating your website. It means that your website is up and now you can start creating it and your site will be online!

I think you have to learn more about how websites work :)!