Unable to renew SSL

Website URL = somethingberrowed.com

I’m trying to renew an SSL on this domain but without success. I have over the last couple of weeks prior to the expiry date of the SSL (1st May) clicked on the link in the email “View my SSL certificate”

Then clicked on “Renew” in the InfinityFree console
Then clicked on “Continue” as the correct name was being shown for the domain name
I chose “Let’s Encrypt” provider
It says that the SSL order has been created at the top of the screen

When I click on Setup CNAME Record Automatically, I get this message:

I realise that I have to wait for a day but I’ve done this several times over the last few weeks, but without any joy.
I was hoping that now that the SSL has actually expired, it might be different today, but sadly not and so now my site is not working correctly. So any help is appreciated.

I assume it might have something to do with the Current Destination of 11776.bodis.com showing as “Not ready” but I really don’t know how to influence that.

If anyone needs more info to help me resolve it, please let me know


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It appears that the CNAME record didn’t get properly set up through the hosting platform. I’ve removed the CNAME record for your domain through the control panel, and then recreated it from the SSL menu in the client area. You can now request a new certificate!

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Perfect - I’ve renewed the SSL now with no issues.
Thanks so much for the swift reply, much appreciated!

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