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My webmail account I created for my domain isn’t receiving emails. I tested with my personal email address and my webmail account just shows as empty. I tried checking MXTOOLBOX to see if the mx record wasn’t showing, then it said ‘sorry, we couldn’t find any nameservers for pectech.ga’.


Here is the image of my MX list.

From this article:


Are you using the control panel Cloudflare integration? A known issue of the control panel Cloudflare integration is that it breaks MX records (as well as custom CNAME records and subdomains). To receive email, you must disable Cloudflare on your domain name.

Thanks for the info, I am using Cloudfare. I guess for now I won’t use email, how long has this issue been happening for and is it being worked on to be fixed?

The root cause of the issue is that it’s impossible to make a hosting provider integration of Cloudflare work as well as using Cloudflare’s nameservers directly. Normally, the hosting provider integration only protects subdomains, so www.example.com can be passed through Cloudflare, but example.com itself can’t.

iFastNet decided to go another way and hack the hosting provider integration so the entire domain would be forwarded to Cloudflare. That way, both www.example.com and example.com get the security benefits, free SSL and so on. Which is great, right?

But by doing so, we lose the ability to set any other DNS records on your domain. So MX records and subdomains are lost when you use Cloudflare that way.

I’m not sure whether this is a design oversight or an acceptable trade-off by iFastNet, but to my knowledge, iFastNet isn’t going to do anything to change this. The only “fix” would be to remove the hacks and only forward the WWW subdomain to Cloudflare, which is going to make other people unhappy.

So, to answer your questions: this issue has existed since day one and can probably never be fixed.

If you want full Cloudflare protection, as well as subdomains and email, you best option is to move your domain to Cloudflare’s nameservers.

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