Unable to point domain to InfinityFree

User name: epiz_31920656
Domain: themyscira.email

Domain checker tells me:
Your domain is using byet.org nameservers.
This is recommended, so all is good!

And also:
The domain is not assigned to an InfinityFree account. Please add the domain to a hosting account to show a website on it.

When I try to create a new account, I got the following message:
The selected custom domain is already in use on InfinityFree or a different free hosting provider. Please remove the custom domain from any other free hosting accounts.

If I try to park it, I get:
themyscira.email is already assigned to an account and in use on another account…

I suspect it is being hold by the previous host, although they told me my account was closed there.
Can you, please, confirm what I need to do?



Most likely, the domain name is still connected to your old hosting account. The easiest way to fix this is to reactivate your account with your old provider, open the control panel and remove the domain name.

Let me know how it goes.


Thanks for your response.

Unfortunately, that’s not an option.
I closed my account there because no web interface of them was working anymore, my site went down, and I couldn’t reach their so called “support team.”

I requested they remove my domain from their servers yesterday, and while they claim to have done so, I still get the same error while trying to create a second account here.

But, hey, at least I found out there is a support team, indeed.
I wonder where they were when I needed them the most…

I’ll keep you informed.

Since that did not work, here is one other thing you can try.

Create an account and a new ticket at support.ifastnet.com and request that your domain name is removed from the old account. They will probably have your verify you own it by having you change a nameserver or adding a different DNS record.

Let me know how it goes!


This domain is currently assigned to a hosting account at ProFreeHost. You’ll need to delete the domain from your old account there to be able to host it with us.

Please note that closing/deactivating your account does NOT release the domain names. If you want to use the domain names assigned to a hosting account, you’ll need to reactivate the old account, go into the control panel and delete the domains from there. Afterwards, you can close the account again if you want. But you must delete the domains manually to host them with us.


@Admin and Greenreader9, thank you very much for your help.
I think things will be OK in a few hours.


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