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I created a website using inifity sub domain on 1st August. Site Name:- http://www.testcompany2.epizy.com/. I installed wordpress to build the website. But I can’t open site or admin page from 3rd August. I waited 72 hrs for domain avilable on all the web. After 72 hrs , it still shows epizy.com and below:- Related link… A free website, related link…that type of things. But I can’t open site or can’t access site admin /wp-admin.
Please help me. I hope you will solve the problem.

From the KB article “When will my domain name start working?”:

Clear your computer’s DNS cache

You can clear your computer’s DNS cache to force your computer to look up your domain name again. cPanel has written instructions on how to clear DNS cache on various operating systems. You can read their instructions here.

Note that this will only clear the DNS cache on your own computer, not the cache with your DNS Resolver. If your DNS Resolver still has the old records cached, you will not see your website.

I clear my dns cache from my pc, but I can’t see my website. I used infinityfree own subdomain, so please check that and solve that problem.

I also has two domain named testcompany.cf and testcompany.ga created on 1st august. But when I create new accoun on infinityfree on 5th august, it shows pointig error messege, but I set pointer on 1st august. Please also look into that matter.

Your website is loading fine from here, so the hosting is probably working fine. Which makes me suspect that this is a problem with your device and/or connection, and not with the hosting.

Did you try to follow ALL the options to preview your website from the article which Ergastolator1 linked?

Also, the domains testcompany.cf and testcompany.ga both don’t appear to have any nameservers at this time. Please double check your DNS settings with Freenom to verify the domains are still active and pointing to our servers.

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